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2013 NFL Combine Monday Workouts Open Thread

The pass rushers are running today in Indianapolis.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Doesn't it seem like every year we are keeping an eye on the Monday workouts at the combine? That is always when the defensive lineman are up, and it seems like the Titans are always looking for a pass rusher. This year is no different, but I have my doubts they will take on in the first round.

It is fun watching these workouts because it is always amazing seeing guys that are that big run the way they do. I cannot imagine dropping back to pass and watching one of those guys come free around the edge.

The workouts have already started with Ziggy Ansah posting a 4.62 40. He is a guy that has been paired with the Titans in some mocks, but my guess is that his combine workouts will shoot him up draft boards and he will be long gone before the Titans pick.

You can watch the workouts here.