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NFL Combine 2013 Interviews: Manti Te'o Met with the Tennessee Titans

Wyatt reports that the Titans met with Te'o at the combine.


Jim Wyatt has been told by "sources familiar with the situation" that Manti Te'o met with the Tennessee Titans at the NFL Combine. As was discussed in the comments of today's open thread, this doesn't really mean much because teams can meet with up to 60 players, but it is still interesting.

There was a time that I really wanted the Titans to consider Te'o at 10, but after seeing him get embarrassed by Alabama in the BCS National Championship game I changed my feelings on that- even before the ridiculous fake girlfriend story came out.

Te'o will probably end up having a solid NFL career, but he isn't the superstar that he was built up to be at Notre Dame. I actually really wouldn't hate it if the Titans got him in the second round, but depending on what he runs tomorrow, he will probably be off the board by the time that pick comes up.