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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Draft Tek seven-round model

See who the Titans ended up with in all seven rounds after the last Draft Tek simulation.


The over/under on things broken in Jommy's house if the Titans take two Texas players in the first two rounds of April's draft is 10.5. I'd take the over. That is exactly what Draft Tek has Tennessee doing in their latest simulation.

They have safety Kenny Vaccaro as the first pick. I feel like I have done a good enough job explaining why this is a bad idea. The "Titans Analyst" at Draft Tek says Vaccaro is exactly what Tennessee needs. That really isn't even a little bit true.

Anyway, they have the Titans taking Alex Okafor, DE, Texas in the second round. Okafor did have 12.5 sacks last season, but 4.5 of those came in the bowl game against Oregon State. He actually might not be a bad pick there, but I am vehemently opposed to back-to-back Longhorns.

Here is how the rest of the draft played out:

3rd round- Robert Alford, CB, SE Louisiana

4th round- Menelik Watson, OT, Florida State

5th round- Bennie Logan, DT, LSU

7th round- Cierre Wood, RB, Notre Dame