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NFL Combine 2013 Saturday Open Thread

The offensive lineman, tight ends and specialists are working out today in Indy. Follow all of the action here.


The combine workouts have started this morning, and you can follow all of the action on NFL Network or online here. Today is not exactly the most exciting day of workouts with offensive lineman, tight ends and specialists, but the Titans will be playing close attention to what some of the interior lineman do.

Obviously they are are looking at interior lineman very closely, but I wouldn't be surprised if they spend a mid to late round pick on a tackle. While they still have two of the best in the league in Michael Roos and David Stewart, both of those guy are getting towards the end of their careers. It might not be a bad idea to go ahead and start looking for replacements- not early in the draft, but I am not sure how much longer they can ignore it.

Anyway, use this thread to discuss all of the action. Noles will have a wrap-up post sometime this afternoon/evening.