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NFL Combine 2013: Friday Report

Feel Good story time!

Kevin C. Cox

Day 3 featured the offensive skill position players from Groups 4,5,6 being measured, team interviews, and doing media work. Groups 1,2,3 (OL, ST, TE) began to ramp up for their Saturday on field work by doing the bench press. Also, our long time friend, Jeff Fisher had his press conference today. He had some interesting quotes about the Titans.

Fisher on Gregg Williams

Jeff Fisher says he made decision to move away from Gregg Williams well before the 2012 season ended, wanted to move in different direction.

Fisher said he thinks DC Jerry Gray and new assistant Gregg Williams will work well together with

New Titans signee George Wilson has quotes as well:

George Wilson on signing with : I'm so excited to be with the Titans. I grew up in Paducah, Ky. Nashville is like my 2nd hometown.

Wilson on his role: "I want ... To help take pressure off the other guys in the secondary and the defense."

Marcus Lattimore quotes:

Lattimore: "Doesn't matter where I get drafted." will go in and work hard

Lattimore said he's been inspired by Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, who came back better than ever after knee surgery.

Lattimore: "This happened for a reason. Maybe for me to come back and inspire somebody else."

Marcus Lattimore says Willis McGahee and Frank Gore overcoming knee injuries has helped to inspire him to work hard to come back

Day 3 News:

Walterfootball has the quarterback , running back , and receiver weigh in results

Mike Munchak puts on his GM hat and says what he would do with the top pick in the draft

Daniel Jeremiah has his thoughts on various topics trending in Indy.

Gil Brandt reports that Collin Klein will be asked to work out with the tight end group

This Leon Sandcastle thing just got real, folks. I hope he is there at the tenth pick so the Titans can draft him.

Former Volunteer Da'Rick Rogers has come clean about his past and it's impressing folks with his open candor.

Another feel good story, Chuck Pagano is back in business, raring to go.

My thoughts:

  • I, along with the rest of America, am rooting for Marcus Lattimore to make it in the NFL. You can't find a nicer guy than he is nor can you find anyone who has anything bad to say about him. If he makes it with the Titans, all the better.
  • Collin Klein's belief that he is a quarterback is to be commended but the reality is that he just isn't cut out for the position. He's a lighter version of Tim Tebow and possibly worse off as a passer.
  • Leon Sandcastle. that is all.
  • Da'Rick Rogers coming clean about his past demons is good to see. It shows maturity and the ability to tackle the issues head on instead of making excuses and cowering behind them.
  • The George Wilson signing is a positive step towards rebuilding the Titans. The contract is very friendly and it proves Webster is a savvy GM without the influences of one Mike Reinfeldt contaminating Baptist Sports Park even more. Having Wilson in the secondary should help stabilize the position. He actually knows what he's doing instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off like the safeties of years past hoping to luck into a tackle like a blind squirrel.

Programming note: the on field workouts begin tomorrow at 9 AM EST and will be streamed on and broadcasted on NFL Network