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2013 Scouting Combine Thursday Report

Some highlights from Thursday at the combine.

Will he stay instate for his pro career?
Will he stay instate for his pro career?

Day 2 is in the books with measurements for the special teams, OL, and Tight End groups. Today also featured most of the coaches and GMs having press conferences. GM Ruston Webster and HC Mike Munchak were among those who spoke this morning as Jimmy pointed out in his post.

Webster on the draft:

Webster said Titans won't have to cut anyone for cap reasons but could make moves based on additions in free agency and draft

Webster says are capable of a quick turnaround in free agency and draft like Colts and Vikings in 2012

Munchak on Gregg Williams:

Munchak says Gregg Williams deserved a second chance and knowing what kind of coach Williams is played a role in hiring him.

Munchak reiterated DC Jerry Gray will call plays on defense even with addition of Gregg Williams

Munchak on several prospects:

Munchak said the Titans will meet with Long tomorrow. Not super notable, but still worth a mention.

Munchak on Kyle Long: He's adapted quickly. He'll get a lot of attention the next couple days. Catches your eye and done a lot for himself.

Munchak says it would have been exciting to see Jake Matthews come out. Said he and Joeckel helped each other.

Munchak: You don't always have to do 1st and 2nd round picks (as o-linemen). All options are on the table for how we fix inside.

Day 2 news:

The Titans will have the 10th, 40th, 70th, 104th, 135th, and the 200th picks overall, not counting the compensatory picks that have yet to be doled out.

You can find the rest of the draft order here's dpbrugler (a great follow @MoveTheSticks) says his piece about first round QBs

The OL weigh in process is complete and so are the tight ends

UGA LB Jarvis Jones will not work out at the Combine, which is a head scratcher considering NFL teams will scrutinize his spinal stenosis condition even more now. The issue did not bother him at Georgia but it's a major red flag all things considered.

It looks like the Titans will have the same issue of defining a player's role that plagued them on CJ's contract with Cook, Wyatt says

My thoughts:

  • I'm glad that Webster and Munchak have the clarity to see what the issues are and will try to go about fixing them. It's refreshing to not see a head in the sand approach. Funny how once everyone's jobs are threatened, they wake up.
  • The Titans have anywhere from $18 to $19 million to burn in cap space. I expect them to use most of it on free agents knowing it's their "make or break (Titans fever, catch it!)" year
  • After comparing my Senior Bowl weigh in notes and the Combine results for the OL, not much has changed. While the Senior Bowl measurements are great in their own right, I consider the Combine ones to be the true official measurements as teams are allowed more extensive medicals in Indy.
  • Perhaps, this is just coach speak and since teams are allotted 60 interviews in 15 minute sessions but I really am intrigued by the possibility of Kyle Long coming to Nashville.
  • I'm also intrigued by the possibility of keeping Tennessee OL Dallas Thomas in state. He was one of the few rays of hope the Volunteers had during the misguided and ultimately fruitless Derek Dooley regime.
  • Andy Reid mentioning that Nick Foles won't be part of the Chefs organization makes you go hmm in regards of the top pick, doesn't it?
  • Bears HC Marc Trestman was a hit during his presser. He also mentioned that the Bears are still evaluating Brian Urlacher's status on the team. I say resign him with the caveat that he can coach at contract's end. It's amazing how Da Bears can find once in a generation MLB talent like Butkus, Singletary, and Urlacher.
  • Our boy Jim Schwartz cracked a great one liner to open the press conferences. When asked about Ezekial Ansah's practices, he said, "Allen Iverson"