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Some MCM evening reading: Derek Dooley and Yancey Thigpen

Derek Dooley and Yancey Thigpen. If you are a fan of the Titans and Vols and older than 30, your head just exploded.

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Here are some interesting articles from around the web today:

  • Manti Te'o doesn't understand how his fake girlfriend takes away from what he did on the field. It might not, but the fact that he got owned in the biggest game of the season is more of a problem than anything that happened with imaginary women./li>
  • For the Vols fans out there, your favorite former coach, Derek Dooley, wasn't looking for a job, but one found him. Hey, when you got it you got it. Know what I mean, Vern?
  • Jeff Fisher on Yancey Thigpen from June 29, 1998:
    "After three years of looking, we found the receiver that can take us where we want to go."
    Yeah, not so much. Thigpen is the one that started this franchise's curse when it comes to wide receivers.
  • Marcus Lattimore is, reportedly, going to shock the doctors at the combine with the progress he has made since that nasty knee injury last year. If that is true, and that guy is sitting there in the third round, I would jump all over it.