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State of the Titans roster: Running backs

This is a make or break year for Chris Johnson....I kid.

Andy Lyons

The running back group is very top heavy. Chris Johnson has his issues, but he can still go 80 yards on any given play. It is that big play ability that makes him one of the best in the league and helps us live with some terrible games in there. It is just good that this season featured more big runs than stinker games.

The issue the Titans have at running back is that they have no one behind CJ. Sylvester Croom, the new running backs coach, has made it clear that he wants a back to share the load this season. I highly doubt that they have that running back on the roster right now.

Javon Ringer has shown some flashes of being a quality NFL back, but he really hasn't show anything consistently that would lead me to believe that he can be a complimentary back.

The only other running back is Jamie Harper, and he just isn't an NFL tailback. They drafted him to play the LenDale White roll, but he really isn't even anywhere close to being as good as LenDale. My guess is that Harper will have an uphill battle to make the team in 2013.

The Titans also have two fullbacks on the roster, but I still haven't been able to figure out why.