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Jim Wyatt to join us for MCM Radio

Jim Wyatt has graciously agreed to join us for MCM Radio. Read below for all of the details.

Today has been a day of bad juju and somewhat negative vibes on MCM, so I thought I would brighten up everyone's day with some positive news for once.

Jim Wyatt will join MCM radio at some point next week after he gets back from the NFL combine.

However, due to Jim's crazy schedule we are not going to be able to record a live show. That means we will record and then upload the show later in the week. (See August for more details).

The MCM radio crew would like for you to submit questions that you would like to hear Jim answer. We won't have time to get to them all but we will give it our best shot and will pick from the best available.

MCM (nor any other fan blog) gets an opportunity like this to have someone on who is as experienced and knowledgeable with this team as Wyatt.

Please take this opportunity seriously and really think about what you'd like to know. This won't roll around every few weeks.

Be sure to thank Mr. Wyatt for considering our community the only blog to date good enough to be graced with his presence.

That alone should speak volumes to the quality of this site and each and every one of its members.