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Alec Ogletree charged with DUI

Alec Ogletree charged with a DUI. How much will it affect his draft stock?


Talk about bad timing- Pro Football Talk is reporting this morning that Alec Ogletree, considered by many to be a first round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, has been charged with a DUI. The incident happened last weekend according to Ogletree's agent. Here is the statement his agent gave to PFT:

"Last weekend, my client Alec Ogletree was pulled over for speeding and a lane violation in Arizona," agent Pat Dye, Jr. tells PFT. "After the officers smelled alcohol, they conducted tests and also cited him for DUI. Although Alec regrets this incident terribly, he is thankful that there was no accident and that no one was hurt. Because this matter is still pending, we cannot comment further publicly at this time."

As PFT pointed out, this is not Ogletree's first incident. He was one of about 74 UGA players that was suspended last season after a positive drug test.

There is no doubt that Ogletree will have a lot of questions to answer about this incident at the combine later this week.