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Tennessee Titans expected to give Jared Cook the franchise tag

In news that will surprise no one here, Wyatt is reporting the Titans will use the franchise tag on TE Jared Cook.


Jim Wyatt is reporting that the Tennessee Titans are expected to put the franchise tag on Jared Cook when they are able to do so next week. This has set off a flurry of people talking about Cook and the Titans on Twitter, but this really isn't new news. We have speculated here for months that the Titans would end up "tagging" Cook.

If you step back and look at it, the Titans really don't have another choice here. They cannot let him hit the open market because he has huge potential. He could go to the right place and put up a 1,000 yards and double digit touchdowns, but at the same time, they also cannot afford to give him a long-term deal. While he has shown flashed of brilliance, his play has been inconsistent at best.

It is no secret that the relationship between the Titans and Cook was strained this past season. Hopefully some of that can be repaired this offseason, and he will start training camp with a fire to prove to the Titans, or someone else, that he is worth investing in long term.