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NFL Free Agency 2013: Titans to meet with agent for Sen'Derrick Marks and Leroy Harris

There will be a lot of meetings that take place at the NFL Combine next week. The Titans apparently already have one scheduled.

Rick Stewart

Jim Wyatt tweeted earlier that officials for the Tennessee Titans are planning on meeting with the agent for Sen'Derrick Marks and Leroy Harris next week at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. While Marks is a fine player, I am just fine with the Titans deciding to go in a different direction. As Wyatt pointed out on Twitter, Marks will get interest on the open market, and that is fine. Let someone else pay too much for him.

As for Leroy Harris, there is really no reason for his name to get brought up in the conversation. He has been really, really bad for the last couple of years, and he might not even get a job if the Titans don't re-sign him. There was a time where we thought he was the next Jacob Bell (a guy that was drafted late and turned into a really good player), but he turned out to be a guy that just wasn't very good.