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NFL Free Agency 2013: Titans make contract offer to Chris Canty

The Titans have apparently decided to get involved in free agency this season. Welcome to the NFL.

Rich Schultz

In the words of gramsey, the Titans are "not.screwing.around." They have, according to Jim Wyatt made a contract offer to former New York Giants DT Chris Canty. With that being said, the tweet from Wyatt said that he will continue to explore his options, so the offer the Titans made didn't knock his socks off.

That is probably for the best though. While most of us hope that they will be more active in free agency this season, we still don't want them out there spending stupid money.

One person who should not be very excited about this news is Sen'Derrick Marks. They might still bring him back if they don't work out a deal with Canty, but the offer proves that they are looking to upgrade the position. I sure will miss him on 3HL giggling and talking about how he is good at everything. /sarcasm