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2013 NFL Free Agency: Buffalo Rumblings on George Wilson

Brian Galliford talks George Wilson.

Tom Szczerbowski

This morning I asked Brian Galliford from Buffalo Rumblings a few questions about George Wilson:

Was Wilson purely a cap cut for the Bills, or do they think his play has declined?

His play did decline last season - to the point where they were taking reps away from him and giving them to his backup, Da'Norris Searcy - but he was still pretty solid, all things considered. At his peak, he wasn't elite; now, he's a passable short-term fix for a team starved for safety help, if you ask me.

What would you say is Wilson's biggest strength as a safety?

Wilson's very smart, has good instincts and can make plays. He's a former receiver, so he's got pretty good hands, and he'll make some nice picks. Plus, he's okay against the run as an in-the-box player. Buffalo used him a lot in that capacity as a contain player because they were so bad against the run, and that's how he got a large number of his tackles - many of them good run stuffs.

What is his biggest weakness?

He's not a great athlete, and he doesn't have much range on the back end. If I were a team, I'd let him play a traditional safety role on run (early) downs, then get him up in the box on pass downs and let him either play a short zone or try to cover a tight end. He can't really turn and run, and was beaten over the top a few times last season.

The Titans desperately need leadership in the locker room. Was he a leader in the clubhouse in Buffalo?

Oh, yes - Wilson's nickname was "The Senator," and his teammates loved him. He's the rah-rah type on the field. He was also the Bills' NFLPA rep, so the respect people have for him extends beyond Buffalo's locker room. He's also phenomenal with charitable endeavors, for what that's worth.

After reading that, here are my thoughts on Wilson:

-He would be a stop gap for the Titans. If they do sign him, they better still have safety high on their draft priority list.

-In the locker room, he sounds a lot like Chris Hope. A lot of fans don't remember how good the Hope signing was because he was bad at the end.

-Sometimes it is good to overpay for leadership when you need it. The Titans need it. I am not saying give him a ridiculous deal, but this team is nothing short of desperate for someone that can light a fire under people.