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NFL Free Agency 2013: George Wilson to Visit the Titans

Free agent safety George Wilson is set to visit the Titans according to Jason LaCanfora.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

As you can see above, Jason LaCanfora is reporting that former Buffalo Bills safety George Wilson has a visit set up with the Titans this week. We have all been unhappy that the coaching staff didn't have more turnover than it did, but you have to give them credit for one thing- they have identified the problems and are taking action to try and fix them.

The other day people kept talking about other safeties that might hit the market and that the Titans should hold out for one of those guys. That reminded me of an old saying- "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush." The Titans are so bad at safety that they simply cannot afford to wait.

Remember last year? This time last year they probably thought they were going to have a couple of choices on the market and would be able to let Michael Griffin walk. Then pretty much every safety that was set to hit the market was re-signed in one way or another. That led to them giving Griffin a long-term contract extension. How did that work out for them?