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Titans "Super 7" on the road to Super Bowl 2014

Who are the Titans superheroes that could lead them to the Super Bowl in 2014 sponsored by Hyundai?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Enforcer - The job goes to linebacker Zach Brown because he brings the wood on every play and isn't allergic to contact like Mike Mayock famously said during the draft last year. When you need someone to cover your six in a dark alley street fight, Brown is the guy you call. Like in hockey, when someone decides to go after your star skill position players. (in this case, CJ), the enforcer often has to lay down the law. Brown is a perfect fit for this role as he has the track speed and physical toughness to go after anyone. The wrasslin' background also helps a ton.

Brain - QB Matt Hasselbeck will be the brains of the operation since he's very smart and has seen just about everything. He can use his veteran wisdom to guide the team out of whatever horrible situation that befalls them. Think of a more robust form of Professor X, the body may not be willing but the brain still works in excellent fashion.

Technician - Nate Washington. The veteran receiver knows a thing or two about the lost art of being a receiver who can run crisp routes to perfection with reliable hands and can pass on those skills to the younger ones like Kendall Wright. He can get you out of a bind on those 3rd and longs. Jake Locker will continue to lean on him as Kenny Britt's mental health and productivity is still somewhere yet to be found.

Loose Cannon - The winner is....Michael Griffin! He's definitely a loose cannon on the field, liable to hurt or help each team with unpredictable bonehead decisions on any given play. If Gregg Williams and Jerry Gray can reel him in a bit, the secondary play should be vastly improved in 2013.

Motivator - Steve Hutchinson. The prospect of one last hurrah for the long time standout guard might be motivation enough for teammates to send him out on a good note. He plays with a mean streak and that's something this team needs in spades. If only the rest of the team can play mean like he does, they'll be going to unheard of places (at least it is in Nashville) like the playoffs. I also considered Hutchinson in the brain category as he's one of the smartest OL in the league.

Prankster - Kenny Britt. He's not a bad guy and loves to play jokes on other teammates despite his many off field issues. Every team needs a good jokester to unleash some light hearted pranks to stave off the depression of the losses and boredom of constant routine. Britt is perfect for the role.

Muscle - Kamerion Wimbley. Did you see how he beat the Ninja Warrior course last year? Of course you have. He's an athletic freak that can get to the quarterback. The Titans certainly need his ability to provide a consistent rush to help a much maligned and beleaguered secondary. I thought about putting DT Mike Martin here but Wimbley won out in a close race.