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NFL Draft 2013: Should The Titans Trade Their Pick?

Without any real standout talent in this years draft, should the Titans stock up on picks?


The Titans currently sit at the 10th spot in this years draft, and the general consensus by most mock draft experts is they will draft an offensive lineman, more specifically a Guard. Some other mock drafts show the Titans drafting a rush-end. So with that being the general consensus and the draft being loaded with offensive line talent and also a fair amount of defensive lineman, should the Titans trade their number 10 pick and get more picks?

My answer is yes, for the most part. Now Chance Warmack is as solid as an offensive lineman prospect as you'd want, big, mean, mauling, and overall he's polished and ready to start now. With that being said about Mr. Warmack, Barrett Jones from Alabama, Johnathan Cooper from North Carolina and countless other Guards should be around later in the draft. There aren't a lot of teams looking for interior line help like the Titans, except two teams who pick before the Titans, that being Kansas City and Cleveland (potentially Buffalo if they lose Levitre, who I hope the Titans take a run at, since Jarius Byrd is looking closer to being Franchised and not Levitre). San Diego and St. Louis are looking for O-line help and Dallas and Chicago are looking for interior lineman, but almost all 4 of those teams are looking for immediate help at skill positions. So the risk is not as high if they still want one of the more coveted interior lineman if they traded back.

Who would trade up in this draft?

Well you can never rule out, the Redskins, who are looking to upgrade around RG3 and need some help in their secondary. Dallas is always pretty active on draft day and they need help anywhere on the D-line and some help at linebacker with the ageing DeMarcus Ware. The Baltimore Ravens could look to get some linebacker help with Ray Lewis officially retiring. Some teams are looking to trade back into the first round, someone that needs a QB who won't chance waiting. A team like K.C. or even the. So there are teams in need of talent later in the draft who could move up, or a team who is looking to get back in the 1st round.

What about cornerback?

If the Titans are looking to try and get a decent cornerback in the draft then it wouldn't be wise to trade your pick away. Still there isn't that real next-generation cornerback in the draft this year, like their have been in the past drafts with Patrick Peterson or Morris Claiborne. Unless the Titans want Millner from 'Bama or Johnathan Banks from Mississippi State. More than likely they can get a value pick in the second round like Xavier Rhodes from FSU, if he's still there and the Titans get say two 2nd round picks, then they are in the perfect position to get what they want.

What about defensive line?

As most of you saw this week, the Titans are looking to upgrade the position or at least solidify with veterans like Chris Canty, there is also the possibility the Titans take a shot at Osi Umenyiora if he test's the market. If Cliff Avril isn't franchised you can bet the Titans give him a call. Even if the Titans don't make a splash in free agency then the draft has a load of defensive lineman this year. Forget about the top 5 guys and look at late first to early 2nd rounders, guys like Alex Okafor from Texas, who has looked beastly at times, and sometimes he's looked inconsistent, but could be there if the Titans trade down. Sam Montgomery is another guy who could be around the same time Okafor is.

So trading down isn't a bad thing especially in this years draft. The Titans actually lucked out in the sense that their draft needs, OL or DL, there just happens to be an abundance of. So trading down in this years draft could be the best option for the Titans.