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NFL Free Agents 2013: Buffalo Bills Release George Wilson

A living, breathing safety who can actually play was released by the Bills today. The Titans would be crazy to not go after him.

Rick Stewart

The other day someone asked me on Twitter if the Titans should go after some safety that was released, I don't even remember who the player was, but my response was, "Is he a living, breathing safety?" The Titans are desperate for safety help, and they should at least be doing extensive work on every safety that is available.

With the news today that the Bills released SS George Wilson, the Titans should be stumbling over themselves to get his agent on the phone. Wilson is a very good player, and he would be the perfect compliment to Michael Griffin in the Titans secondary and a huge upgrade from Jordan Babineaux.

The other important part of this news is that the release of Wilson means that there is no way Jairus Byrd is hitting free agency.

Outside of interior offensive line, safety is the biggest need for the Titans. Wilson is 31 so he still has a few good years left. The Titans should sign him, plug him in right away and then draft a safety in the second or third round to groom for two or three years down the road.