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NFL Free Agents 2013: Titans should be all in on Cliff Avril

The Titans need to be active in the first wave of free agency this year if Ruston Webster and Mike Munchak are going to keep their jobs. Cliff Avril is a good place to start.

Ezra Shaw

Peyton Manning is not going to be a free agent this offseason. That is good news for the Tennessee Titans front office that is incapable of wooing two free agents at the same time. There will be no built in excuse this year to not make a move or two in free agency to make this team better.

Ruston Webster should already have his flight reservations made to go to Cliff Avril the minute free agency opens. In fact, it would be smart to fly in a couple of days in advance just to make sure any travel delays don't affect his ability to get a deal done.

Avril is not going to fix this defense, but his addition would be a good start. The Titans have two good defensive ends right now in Kamerion Wimbley and Derrick Morgan, but neither of those guys are dynamic and there is no one behind them that is even NFL quality.

Avril would give the group a headliner. Again, I am not going to say this move would fix the defense, but if they could add Avril and a safety, we will look at some of those names later, they would be in a much better place than they were last season.