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Reason #3 Mike Munchak should be fired: Stupid personnel decisions

The Titans coaches decided to rest starters early in the game yesterday against Peyton Manning.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

You can make the case that Mike Munchak should be fired just based on the fact that he allowed his staff for 2 years to try and replace Alterraun Verner with Tommie Campbell.  We were subjected to endless reasons why Campbell should be the starter over ATV even with the fact that Campbell wasn't good at, you know, playing football.

Then yesterday in Denver he decides to work Zaviar Gooden, who has been hurt for most of the season and hasn't played hardly at all, in early in the Denver game to keep his other linebackers from getting tired.  That's right, throw an inexperienced linebacker out there against Peyton Freaking Manning because you are afraid of your guys getting tired late in the game.

Hey Mike, how about this- play your starters as much as you can.  Then, if they do get tired, bring in a backup to spell them- or does that make just a little bit too much sense.

As you might imagine, this strategy didn't go over very well with starter Zach Brown (from the article by John Glennon linked above):

I’m kind of wondering myself," Brown said. "You’ve got to keep your best players and playmakers on the field. That’s what you do when you play defense. You look at all the good defenses right now. They keep their best players on the field."

"Any team, it should be your best players all time," Brown said. "So I don’t know what was going on. They rotated and we still lost."

You know Zach, that makes sense to me as well. But then again, neither one of us are NFL head coaches.

Time to go. Make it happen Tommy, Ruston, et al.