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Tennessee Titans: Why?

Here's this week's questions from the Titans - Broncos matchup.

Bernard Pollard wants to know why.
Bernard Pollard wants to know why.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

How nice is it to finally have a competent return man? - Watching a competent return man in Leon Washington left me shaking my head at the previous incompetence at the position. I know Mariani was injured and you couldn't foresee Reynaud's crumbling confidence, but man does that situation hurt this year.

How does Wes Welker pancaking Coty Sensebaugh on a screen constitute holding on the defense? - Did Coty pull Welker down on top of him? Anyone else see this?

Why does it seem Dowell Loggains stalls after the first quarter or half? - I am not looking at any stats right now, but it seems that Loggains is really good with the first series or two of scripted plays, but then turns predictable or vanilla for the rest of the game. The defense catches up to what the Titans are doing, and guess what? They just keep on doing it.

Was Alterraun Verner getting flagged for interference this much because he's playing against Peyton? - Or is he always this grabby?

Can I start Justin Hunter on my fantasy team for the rest of the year? - Hunter is really coming into his own and getting better and better each week. Credit the staff for not burying him and bringing him along correctly. That makes two receivers in a row the Titans have hit on in the draft, something that hasn't happen in perhaps ever.

How nice is it to have a not-awful TV crew announcing the game? - I wish the Titans were good so this would happen more often.

How cold does is it have to be for Peyton Manning to be bad? - 15 degress and dropping is pretty dang cold and he looked pretty dang good to me.

Why did Gray/Williams call off the dogs against Peyton this game? - Some say he'll pick apart a blitz and burn you for it, but it's not like 51 points counts as keeping him in check. There was absolutely no pressure on Manning, and I was disappointed that entering the second half with the lead, the Titans didn't throw the kitchen sink at him.

How infuriating is it that the Broncos went for it on 4th and 1 from the 20 at the end of the game? - A field goal makes it a 3 score game with 5 minutes to go. Is that Fox, or classic Peyton Manning? As a fan, I'm tired of being bullied and helpless. Someone please save this team.

Is this team "above" trick plays? - I'm not saying that they would have won had they tried the ol' Statue of Liberty, but why not get creative? The Titans have NOTHING to lose and you are trying to keep up with the highest scoring offense in the league. Why not sprinkle in some flea flickers, etc. when nothing else is working.

Who do you want for a new coach? - The defense for keeping Munchak has waned progressively. It stinks that he didn't get a chance to see what he could do with his quarterback at the helm, but any reasoning for his staying is going to fall on deaf ears at this point.

Got any answers? What questions did you have from the game?