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Titans vs Broncos players to watch, offense

Which players have a chance to pull of the upset?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are in "must win" mode now, and really need to figure out how to get some momentum on their side if either Mike Munchak or Chris Johnson want their jobs in 2014. With that being said, it will take a total team effort for the Titans to get an upset in the tundra today. Here are the players that can possibly provide those gamebreaking plays.

Chris Johnson

Ok CJ, it is officially out there, if you don't explode over the course of these next few games your career as a starting running back in this league is over. You are playing in cold whether, so defenders are going to be hesitant to for tackle, and if you can be the toughest man on the field you can be dangerous again. It is now or never, and the question is, "What have you done for me lately?"

Kendall Wright

From a disappointing running back, to possibly the league's most underrated receiver, Wright provides Titans fans with something to cheer for. Kendall is closing in on a record that hasn't been broken for more than two decades and despite the intimidating numbers he has a real shot. With the offense leaning on him like a crutch, he could see massive amounts of volume over the next four weeks.

Justin Hunter

Hunter has been mercurial so far this year, but I think he just needs more targets. When the team looks his way, he seems to come up with big catches on passes that are anywhere near him. If he can keep growing and developing as a player, then the Titans will have two great young WRs to build off of, and there won't be a tougher test than the 20 degree weather and a pass rush forcing Fitz to get rid of the ball ASAP.