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Tennessee Titans cap moves to consider

With one eye on the season and one eye on the future, which player should the Titans consider cutting.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Currently, the Titans only have $12 million to spend in free agency. While most are critical of free agent spending, if you want the Titans to re-sign Alterraun Verner and Jurrell Casey then changes have to be made. These are just a few of the names to watch this weekend that could be cut to save room.

Chris Johnson: $4 million saved in 2014

Don't kid yourself, the Titans offense should get away from him as the primary running back. Johnson doesn't have the ability to be an every down back in the NFL any more, and even if he finishes with 1,000 yards in the last five games he still wouldn't deserve to be back next year. The constant question mark will always be there, tempting offensive coordinators to give him a heavy volume hoping he can get back to 2009 form.

Kamerion Wimbley: $2.5 million saved in 2014

Wimbley has some nice assets as a pass rusher, but he just isn't an every down player. Since being relegated to a backup role, Wimbley has been largely unimpressive and not worth his massive contract.

David Stewart: $6.4 million saved in 2014

Stewart is a decent offensive tackle at this point in his career, but nagging injuries and unnecessary penalties make him replaceable. If the Titans decide to go younger at offensive tackle, they could upgrade in quality while saving money.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: $3 million saved in 2014

If Fitzpatrick has a bad game, it would be hard to consider him a guarantee to be on the roster in 2014. The Titans need another quarterback in the fold, and spending $3 million for someone you can't trust seems unreasonable.