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Titans vs Broncos: Which coach could secure his job

One Titans coach has a chance to cement himself on the team's staff for next year if the game is competitive on Sunday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Right now, most Titans fans can see the writing on the wall. Head coach Mike Munchak needs/deserves to be fired, offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains is on the fence, and special team's coach Nate Kaczor probably needs to go back to the college or high school level. Two coaches have put together a good year, and deserve some recognition: Jerry Gray and Gregg Williams.

Now, we remember the putrid defense that Jerry Gray put out week after week last year, so I don't think it is a stretch to say that Gregg Williams is the driving force behind this defense. The Titans defense ranks 11th in points allowed, and that is after games against powerhouse offenses like Seattle, Kansas City and San Francisco all of which are in the top 10 of points scored. With that in mind, I think a good performance against Denver could lead to this scenario.

1. Jerry Gray is fired

Gray has too much bad history with the Titans for new ownership to be sold on him, and wisely so. This move will allow the Titans to remove all the "major" coaches from the staff, and send a message that mediocrity isn't acceptable.

1b. Jerry Gray lands a job with Texas

Gray's ability to manipulate his connections into job opportunities is Kiffin-esque, I mean look at how he got to Tennessee. If Gray is fired from the Titans he will either end up on the Will Mushchamp staff at Florida or somewhere as a defensive coach at the University of Texas.

2. Gregg Williams gets promoted to DC.

Well deserved. Williams has revolutionized the defensive concepts for the Titans, bringing (well-designed) linebacker blitzes back for the first time in recent memory. As a DC with the Titans, I believe he will allow Jurrell Casey to thrive and grow into the elite player that he can be. Elsewhere, Zach Brown and the defensive backs all have a chance to thrive in the pressure scheme that Williams loves. That is too much potential for the front office to ignore, and with changes coming on offense, this defense needs to be sound.

Bonus: Jurrell Casey or Alterraun Verner get an extension.

Casey is going to be an excellent player, and should be one of the top-5 defensive tackles in the league over the next five years. I have been critical of a Verner re-signing, because I know how expensive it will be, but with a few cuts the Titans will have roughly $35 million to spend in free agency. If they make those cuts I have NO problem re-signing Verner. However, if they don't and the move restricts Tennessee in free agency it will make the job less appealing to potential head coaches and will hurt the Titans in the long run.