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Titans vs Broncos: So you are saying there is a chance

Why a struggling Titans team could beat the Broncos.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I think Tennessee Titans fans can objectively say that the Denver Broncos are the better team. They have less injuries, an elite pass rusher, a better quarterback, and a great home-field advantage. That being said, that doesn't mean that they should write off the Titans for a potential upset. The Titans have two things going for them that may give them the "W".

1. Peyton Manning plays poorly in cold weather.

Manning is 0-2 in games where the weather is 20 degrees or colder, and it would take a heat wave to push Denver over that number this week. When Peyton gets cold, his fundamentals change. Instead of a nice follow through, he will short-arm passes and limit his accuracy. This throws a wrench in the methodical drives that he is known for.

Another thing changing is that he loses velocity on the ball. Whether this is due to the ball getting harder, or if it is just his body not allowing him to rip it as well; either way he just isn't as effective. This is important, because it means that he either throws arcing passes, or floats the ball. Either way, the Titans defensive backs should have an extra second to adjust to the ball which is all this talented group needs.

2. Hitting Peyton, stops Peyton.

The best way to stop any quarterback is to get great interior pressure. The Titans have the luxury of having one of the most talented 3-techniques in the game in Jurrell Casey. While he is having a great year, it takes a village to bring down Peyton Manning. Players like Moise Fokou and Zach Brown will have to have successful days getting pressure up the gut to get him off rhythm.

One potential X-factor in this regard is Mookie Johnson. Johnson is a former teammate of Manning's and should know exactly how dangerous he can be. If the Titans want their small package in all day to get pressure on Manning, Mookie should get a lot of snaps at the other tackle position.