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Week 14: Predictions From The Contributors

Week 14: Predictions From The Contributors

Jersey number 4, turnover number 4. COINCIDENCE??
Jersey number 4, turnover number 4. COINCIDENCE??
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

3rd week out of the last 4 that I have picked a guest who doesn't check his email. Boo me.

Daniel North was the only one who picked it right last week. HOPE HE'S HAPPY.

CanaDan (11-1)

It seems so long ago now that the Titans were trying to lure Peyton Manning to Nashville. Instead, he’s going to be on the opposite sideline in what I think is going to be a blowout. I can’t see how our offense is going to keep up.

Broncos 33 - Titans 16

Tuna (9-3)

Peyton Manning sucks in the cold. Too bad it won't matter this week

Broncos 452 - Titans 10

Josh G (9-5)

Titans fly west into the teeth of hell frozen over. It would make my life easier as a fan if they would get blown out ala Green Bay last year, so I'm sure they won't do that for me.Titans lose non the less.

Broncos 31 - Titans 10

G (8-4)

Meh. I can't imagine I will still be watching after halftime.

Broncos 44 - Titans 13

Xanpham (7-4)

The Titans have a nightmare match-up this week in the high-octane Broncos. Unfortunately, I don't see this going much different to most of Peyton's meetings with the good guys in two-toned blue. The Titans will make it a fight on defense early, but ultimately they will be drowned by Welker, Thomas, and Decker.

Broncos 31 - Titans 16

Sharona (5-3)

Delanie Walker may not play. That's not good. The defense will stay strong but will likely play too much. The Titans need good Fitzpatrick to show up in the worst way. Good test of the secondary.

Broncos 28 - Titans 17

GreenlAwesome (3-5)

Shocker that saves everyone's jobs

Titans 45 - Broncos 35

Danomite (2-1)

"Total Slaughter,
Total Slaughter.
They won't leave a single man alive.

La de da de die,
La de da de dud,
An ocean of blood."

Broncos 37 - Titans 9

Greenlaw: He crazy

go titans