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Re-visiting the Titans pursuit of Peyton Manning is awesome #notreally

My hatred of Peyton Manning knows no bounds. I was willing to set that aside if he signed with the Titans, but of course, he didn't.

Jim Rogash

I am in a mood of self-reflection today. So as I have listened to and read 3,000 stories and tweets about the Titans pursuit of Manning, I have thought about my feelings about this franchise and Peyton Manning.

To start this narrative you have to understand one thing- I HATE PEYTON MANNING. I know some of you UT fans are shuddering at those words, but think about it from my perspective, for most of lifetime that I can remember, Peyton has tortured me. He couldn't beat Florida or win the Heisman in college, but he sure could take it to Alabama.

Then he got drafted by the Colts and tortured the Titans for years. He still couldn't win the big game or play in the cold, but he beat the Titans like a rented mule.

Not only that, but the one time he decided to actually miss a game turned into a whole season and it allowed the Colts to draft Andrew Luck. While I am not ready to crown Andrew Luck the king of the freaking universe like some people, there is no doubt that he is a good NFL quarterback.

These are the things that Peyton has done to me in my life.

Then the Titans decided to go after him, and for a moment I allowed myself to think about what it would be like for Peyton to be the quarterback of my favorite team- and I started to hope that they would sign him. I listed to all of the people talk about how much Peyton loves the state of Tennessee and how his wife wanted him to sign here, and you know what, I actually started to like him.

Looking back, I can't believe I allowed myself to get sucked in like that. He clearly has been put on this earth solely to torture me, so there is no reason he would sign here.

It did provide some fun times and a lot of hits on MCM, however. WHERE'S THE PLANE??? So there is that.

Anyway, you might not care about any of that, but thank you for reading it if you did. Have a lovely rest of your day!