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Tennessee Titans News Links: Rewriting History

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Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

Andy Lyons

What could have been with Peyton Manning at QB? In my opinion it does not matter. Would we have been better? Of course, but he didn't choose us. We don't need to dwell on that, we need to work on winning games with Jake Locker and at the moment, Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB. Doesn't do any good to think about what could have been. C'mon guys, just be pros, do your job. That being said, thanks a lot Palmer.

Munch's practice report from Wednesday.

Dear Michael Griffin, keep doing what you're doing, I love the new you.

ATV and Casey are in the Top 10's in Pro Bowl voting. McCourty should probably get in as should Kendall Wright but they won't because it's a popularity contest.

The Titans talk about their biggest influences. This is awesome.

Quote of the Day: "You look like a succulent baby lamb" -Ron Burgundy to Payphone Manthing