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Tennessee Titans: Why?

Here's this weeks questions from the Titans latest loss, I mean game.

Gregory Shamus

Why does the offense insist on wasting defensive effort? - This was part of a Twitter conversation I had early in the game. The Titans had every opportunity to put the Colt's on their ass with the interception on their first drive. Instead, they go 3 and out. That just can't happen.

Why does everyone obsess over Luck? I've tried to stay away from this conversation but it really has gotten ridiculous. I'm not even going to refer to his overall stat line for the game, but it's come to a point where his reputation far exceeds his play, even when he is playing well. At one point in the game, the announcer raved about his athleticism and how no one realizes how good he is after a play action pass for 6 yards. There was absolutely nothing special on that play athletically or otherwise.

How could the refs possibly call the Delaine Walker catch incomplete? - I get the call on the field, but how could you miss the review. The referees are really baffling me and doing a piss poor job this year.

What in the world was Fokou doing at the half? - The ball was out so he thought he could get a free shot in right? Well thanks for that. You can add this to the list of the ways the Titans find to beat themselves while on the field with inferior competition.

What causes some quarterbacks, Ryan Fitzpatrick in particular, to be so up and down? - I know this is a broad question with many answers, but Fitzpatrick was off all day. Forget the interceptions even and the poor decisions. Many of his completed passes were off target and he was inaccurate from the start. He has almost a decade in the league throwing the ball and was spot on the two weeks before. So what gives? A meltdown in mechanics? Nerves? I don't think it was because the Colt's pass defense is just that amazing.

Did the Titans move away from Chris Johnson too quickly in the game? - I really didn't have a problem with the use of the backs in the game, but apparently some are wondering this.

Has Munchak lost the team? - The Titans played hard all game but things did get chippy. I'm interested to see the effort put out at Denver next weekend. Will the inmates start running the asylum signaling the definitive end of the Munchak era?

Why do I continue to care on Sundays? - Maybe now that the Titans are getting ready to play a much better team in the Denver Broncos, and it seems their own ship has sailed, I can watch a game without as much emotional investment. We'll see.

That's it for this week. Got any answers?