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Titans 2013 Season-End Awards

In these strange times following another rough year, I thought it would be worth bringing some smiles, and hopefully some laughs, to MCM in the form of a year-end Titans award ceremony!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

First, the serious accolades:

Team MVP:

Jurrell Casey. Honorable mention goes to ATV and Kendall Wright.

Titans' Rookie of the Year:

Justin Hunter. For the record, I wish I could have put Chance Warmack here...

Best Titan Newcomer:

Delanie Walker / Bernard Pollard, depending on if you like offense or defense better.

Most Impressive Catch:

Justin Hunter TD against the Jets in week 4. That catch was one of the best in the entire 2013 NFL season in my opinion.

Now, to the real awards:

The Epic Failure Award

This award goes to the player who most exemplified this staff's failure on the field. This year's trophy goes to: Darius Reynaud, for opening the 2013 season with the quickest score in NFL history, and for his multiple incredible performances for other teams against the Titans. Honorable mention goes to Rob Turner for his "nasty" play at the center position.

The Escape Goat Trophy

There are plenty of guys who qualify for this award, but if we are taking the past week into consideration, as well as MCM's general disposition over the course of the 2013 campaign, this one really goes without saying: The Wunderkind OC himself; Dowell Loggains.

Best Nickname Award

This honor goes to Bernard Pollard for his memorable dubbing of Michael Griffin as "Michele" in training camp.

Best Smile Honor

In year's past, this was Kenny Britt's award all the way, but there is a new kid in town (who is also better at football than Kenny). This year's best smile award goes to Shawn Jefferson's whipping boy, Justin Hunter.

The Houdini Award

For his magical disappearing acts during the course of a game, or even a stretch of games, the annual houdini award for 2013 goes to: Kamerion Wimbley.

Best Refreshment Crown

For his tireless work as the team hydration consultant, this lauded honor goes to: Chet Parlevecchio.

Worst Coach Accolade

Funnily enough, this award also goes to Chet Parleveccio.

Loch Ness Award

For being nigh impossible to catch a glimpse of at team practices, this year's Loch Ness award goes to none other than RT, David Stewart.

Thread of the Year:

There have been some pretty memorable threads on MCM in 2013, so it was pretty tough thinking back on which one was best. I know there will likely be some disagreement on this one, but the Thread of the Year award goes to the now infamous, Jake Locker "it" factor thread. Honorable mention goes to the Thunderdome...which will forever be remembered by those who entered...

Most Prolific Commenter: StPrattrick

Most Disturbing GIFs: Jerlindsey

Most Insightful Comments: Super Horn

Most Prolific Writer: jlomas

Best Celebrity Commenter: Ron Burgundy

Most Satisfying BanHammer: Gramsey

Best Meme: #12TitanBetterThanMason