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Tennessee Titans News Links: Awkward Times

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Right now it's an awkward time for Mike Munchak and his staff. They have to wait until Tommy Smith meets with Munchak to determine whether he will be the coach next year or not. Why isn't Tommy Smith in Nashville is my question. Giving him benefit of the doubt, I hope he's meeting with the sisters to have a final meeting on the coaching decision.

Don't worry everyone, we increased our Time of possession this year!!!!!! Oh wait, that doesn't correlate to wins or even points at all.

I will say, that the defense was in large part, much much better. Credit an attitude change and a philosophy change thanks to Pollard and Williams.

Munchak recaps the 2013 season.

Mike also believes the Titans are close to being a playoff team. Guess what, I heard that last year. I also was told I wasn't going to be disappointed this year. Guess what, I am very very disappointed. Thanks Chet.

Justin Hunter talks about how he sort of underestimated how hard his first NFL season would be.

Good listen from Titans Report on whether or not Munchak should stay (They agree he should go).

Quote of the Day: "A satellite has no conscience." -Edward R. Murrow