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Titans Coaching Carousel: Surprise Redux

It's that time again!

Bill O'Brien. Yes. Please. Do. Want.
Bill O'Brien. Yes. Please. Do. Want.
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After a brief hiatus due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the Coaching Carousel returns with a familiar name. I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday break even with the Titans putting a damper on things. Things have progressed so badly under Munchak's tenure that even our eternal optimist, GoldenGrumpyGrams has finally thrown in the towel on this season. I will not rehash the litany of failures seen under this current coaching regime but with only an utterly distasteful number: 4 AND 12. This number reflects Mr. Munchak's division record. If you cannot succeed within your division, an eminently winnable division (especially this year), mind you, then what hope do you have of ever succeeding outside of division play? Anyways, enough pontificating about this dreadful Titans season, onward to our next candidate!

The Candidate: Bill O'Brien Penn State Head Coach


  • He has actual experience as an NFL OC - Unlike Munchak, this is something he does have on his record. O'Brien was named the OC for the high powered New England offense after Josh Mcdaniels left for Denver until he left for the PSU job.
  • Crisis management skills - The job he has done during his short tenure at Penn State has been quite remarkable. He stepped up into an impossible situation and guided the Lions to a winning record in back to back seasons despite the odds stacked against him.
  • Christian Hackenberg - Granted, the guy is a former 5 star, top ranked QB recruit with loads of talent, but the fact that O'Brien has developed him in such short order is nothing short of amazing. Whoever ends up being the QB for this team, whether if they are on the current roster or not, will get an excellent teacher if O'Brien is hired. Also on O'Brien's credit list, is the development of Raiders QB Matt McGloin. The guy was a nobody before BoB got there and he made him a passable NFL starter. That's coaching, folks.


  • Will he leave Penn State? - This question is a good one but I don't see him leaving after just two years on the job. He's recently signed an extension to stay there as well. The NCAA also has reduced Penn State's sanctions for good behavior this past fall. It seems like he's in it for the long haul in Happy Valley.
  • How much of the Patriots offensive success has been Brady? - The answer is relatively simple as he's had several OCs during his Hall of Fame worthy career and succeeded under all of them.