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Tommy Smith declines comment on Mike Munchak's future with Titans

It is time for Mike Munchak to go. Titans president Tommy Smith declined comment on the future of the head coach after the game today.

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Wesley Hitt

Jim Wyatt reached out to Tommy Smith after today's win over the Texans for comment on Mike Munchak's future. Smith declined to comment. So we wait....

Paul Kuharsky tweeted earlier today that a decision will not come today or tomorrow. I don't understand why. These last two wins shouldn't have changed anything about how the front office feels about the job Mike Munchak has done. So what if he was able to beat two of the worst teams in football?

The fact that they lost to those same two teams earlier in the season is what ultimately kept them out of the playoffs. An 8-8 team is going to be the 6 seed in the AFC, and the Titans couldn't even accomplish that. It is time to move on. Don't delay what needs to happen, Tommy.