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What happens at defensive coordinator for the Titans IF Mike Munchak says?

Bernard Pollard said after the game today that he cannot see Gregg Williams and Jerry Gray co-existing for another year. What is the right call if Mike Munchak is back as Titans coach?

Wesley Hitt

Let me make one thing clear, the opinions in this post are all based on the assumption that Mike Munchak is retained. If Munchak is not retained, there should not be one single person on this staff that comes back next year. The franchise needs a clean break.

Both Jerry Gray and Gregg Williams have contracts that are expiring now. The choice here is extremely obvious. This defense was horrific with Gray at the helm before Williams was brought signed. The defense was a million times better here with Williams overseeing things. Need I say anything else?

One of the few really good calls Munchak has made was the call to bring in Williams. It would be stupid to let him walk and keep Gray now.