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Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans Inactives

Who made the game day roster.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans inactives:

-Michael Preston WR

-Khalid Wooten CB

-Kevin Mathews C

-Jurrell Casey DT

-Tyler Wilson QB

-Kenny Britt WR

-David Stewart OT

What it means for Tennessee:

-Well, that is sort of a let down. One of the big attractions to this game was could Casey tie the all-time Titans DT sack record. I'm guessing that his leg hurt him enough to where he thought it was best for him to sit in a essentially meaningless game, but it still feels like a let down. Another odd inactive is Kenny Britt AND Michael Preston. Preston looked very good, and it would be good to see him play one more game going into this long offseason. The rest of the inactives were expected, despite fans wanting to see Wilson at least once in the regular season.

Houston Texans inactives

-Case Keenum QB

-Devier Posey WR

-Dennis Johnson RB

-Toben Operum FB

-Alex Kupper OG

-Cody White OG

-Joe Mays LB

What it means for the Texans:

-The biggest news here is the start of Matt Schaub over Keenum. It will be interesting to see if his familiarity with this Titans team leads to an advantage over playing (a generally better) Case Keenum.