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Titans vs Texans matchup to watch: Defense

Who to watch on defense.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans defense has been night and day better than was in 2012 (the year that shall not be names...except for right now) and they are one or two pieces away from being a top-5 if they keep Alterraun Verner. Speaking of Verner, he is the main focus of this article. Though he is still playing at a high level, his production has fallen off since the first half of the season. Can he have a great comeback in his potentially last game in two-toned blue.

The Matchup

The star wide receivers for the Texans Nuk Hopkins and Andre Johnson have had great years, but this matchup is more about the QB than the targets. While Matt Schaub once had great rhythm and timing with those WRs, his costly turnovers were just too much to keep him in the game. The question is, can Verner put himself in the right situations and make a big play when he needs to?

I expect Verner to take more chances today, and I imagine Schaub to look the other way most of the day. However, if Schaub gets locked into a target, and Verner keys on that then he could have his first INT since Week 10.