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Best case available for Tennessee Titans if O'Brien goes to Houston

How the Texans landing HC Bill O'Brien could help the Titans.


One of the moves I hoped that the Titans would make this offseason is bringing in Penn State HC Bill O'Brien. However, keeping Mike Munchak seems to have proved costly and rumors are swirling that the Texans are likely to sign him to a contract. There is a scenario where this helps the Titans.

Step one: Texans sign BOB (Bill O'Brien)

The Texans are going to sign someone, and it looks like it is him.

Step two: Wade Phillips quits

Wade Phillips was the interim head coach, and he also applied for the HC job. After a short interview, there is likely to be some tension between he and the organization. Phillips may feel scorned, O'Brien may want his own guy or Phillips may feel like he wants a fresh start. Either way, there is a decent chance that Phillips doesn't want to come back.

Step three: New Titans HC doesn't want Gregg Williams

It is hard to argue with keeping Gregg Williams on the staff. He has turned a franchise worst defense into a very competitive unit. If the Titans bring in a new HC and he doesn't want to be associated with him for whatever reason, Williams may get his chance to find a HC job or just another DC job.

Step four: The Titans bring in Wade Phillips.

Phillips shifts this team into the 4-3/3-4 hybrid defense that he used in Houston. Casey slides over to the "Watt spot" as a DT/DE depending on down and distance. Edge rushers include Zach Brown and Akeem Ayers in a more natural position for both. Defensive backs like Alterraun Verner, Jason McCourty and Michael Griffin play roles similar to those of a young Jonathan Joseph, Glover Quinn, and others from the first year Phillips was in Houston.

This will free up an innovative offensive mind like Gregg Roman or Jay Gruden to take the reigns as an HC without worrying too much about the defense.

Is this possible?

This is a lot of conjecture, and it is all a dream scenario but it is very possible. Phillips is very familiar with the AFCS and has a connection with the organization thanks to his father. Gregg Williams doesn't exactly have the cleanest name in the NFL, and a new HC may not like his past. Not only that, but Williams did such a good job this year that he might be interviewed for a HC job somewhere.

Titans fans have been begging for Tennessee to be more multiple on defense, and one way to do it is to snag a motivated DC like Wade Phillips.