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Ruston Webster looking for upgrades on the line pt.2

The Titans are looking for help on the OL, but DL is also an area of need too.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The point was raised on my last article about Ruston Webster making line additions, that some thought he was speaking primarily about the defensive line. Personally, I think Jurrell Casey, Derrick Morgan, Ropati Pitoitua, and Karl Klug could be a top-10 DL, some have said that there are elements we are missing on the line.

Chief among those issues was a pass rushers. While there aren't many premier DE pass rushers in this draft, there are a handful of DL that the Titans could look at in the top 16. Here the ones I believe will be the best available.

Players I assume have already been drafted: Jadeveon Clowney, Anthony Barr and Khalil Mack

Aaron Donald DT, Pitt

Donald isn't exactly Casey, but he is darn close. His first step and ability to penetrate despite contact is impressive and he has 11 sacks on the year to show for it. Donald isn't a physical specimen that will wow at the combine, but he will show up on tape and having Casey and Donald could make this defense top-5 in the league.

Trent Murphy DE, Stanford

Murphy is what everyone wants Stephon Tuitt to be. Murphy is a mauler who plays with a hot motor, but he lacks that speed rush element to his game. His strength, leverage and aggression make him a threat and he could be a better version of Ropo. Murphy leads the nation with 14 sacks, and while he might be a misfit in a 4-3 scheme he would be player that could play base LDE and slide in to DT on passing downs.

Vic Beasley DE, Clemson

Beasley leaves a lot to be desired as an every down end, however if you only expect him to play on pass rush situations he could have Bruce Irvin-like ability. His first step, long frame, and ability to find the rush lane are very good and he could be a top-16 pick after he will likely test well at the combine. Again, just a situational guy but a potential eight-sack player that frees up guys like Casey and Klug.

Round 2 players (new players I assume have been drafted: Kony Ealy)

Jackson Jeffcoat DE, Texas

Jeffcoat is a speed rusher who fits the bill of what the Titans may be looking for this year. While I worry about his injury history and where he actually fits in the NFL he has managed to get to the QB consistently (25 sacks in 37 games) throughout his career.

Will Sutton DT, AZST

Sutton had a great 2012 campaign, and honestly should have come out. Instead, he returned, added weight, and has looked sloppy since. Sutton isn't the sink and penetrate DT that he was in 2012, but his hand use is excellent and all the Titans need is someone who can beat a single-team opposite Casey. If the Titans draft Sutton they will see more production inside than they have in a while. Sutton isn't quite the disruptor that Aaron Donald is, but he may be the better value pick in the long run.