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Jurrell Casey snubbed from 2014 Pro Bowl team

The 2014 Pro Bowl rosters were announced last night. Jurrell Casey wasn't voted in, but he should have been.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans got one player, Alterraun Verner, in the Pro Bowl.  That is more than they get most years, but this year they deserved two.  Jurrell Casey deserved to make the roster- maybe even more than ATV.

Casey is a difference maker in the middle.  He has 10.5 sacks this season.  That is 2.5 more than Albert Haynesworth ever had in a season and more than any of the defensive tackles that were voted in (Kyle Williams also has 10.5).

Casey might end up getting in if one of the others can't play for some reason, but there is no doubt that he should have been voted in on the first round.