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Week 17: Predictions From The Contributors and Black Helicopterz

Week 17: Predictions From The Contributors and Black Helicopterz

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So this is it. Last PFTC for 2013. I wonder if I will ever get to do a playoff PFTC. That would be fun.

We have a guest this week! Woohoo! In case you didn't notice, I quit keeping track of predictors' records. When the Titans lose, we all lose. Crank us up BH:

Black Helicopterz

This time around the matchup between the Titans and Texas will be a massacre. Coach Munchak and Loggains will let their hair down this week as they will attempt to run up the score in hopes of saving Munchak's job. You won't see a fight or get any disagreement from the Texans, their goal is to save Munchak's job too.

Wow, predicting Titans games feels good. I'm first in line to give the predictions and its also my first time being a guest contributor.

Monday morning ESPN/Paul Kuharsky's lead story will read:
Titans Win, Tommy Fires Munch. Jommy Hires First Black Helicopterz As Full Time MCM Contributor.

Titans 37 - Texans 10


The worst scenario here is that the team wins, looks really good while doing so, and for some inexplicable reason that convinces Tommy Smith to retain Munchak. That is what's going to happen, because we can't even fail correctly at this point.

Titans 33 - Texans 24


The Titans will win this game because that is how they roll.

Titans 24 - Texans 20


Get yourself prepared. Titans will win going away and you know what that means! Improvement from 2012! And yes I will be in attendance. Can't wait to see if anyone else shows up.

Titans 30 - Texans 13


The Titans decide to infuriate their fan base by both winning the game and announcing the retention of Mike and the gang...

Titans 24 - Texans 14


Titans lose. JJ Watt absolutely wrecks us and we trade coaches with Penn State after the game.

So in reality. We win!!!

Texans 24 - Titans 10


The Titans will take on the Houston Texans in the last game of the season in front of the home crowd at LP Field. The Texans won a heartbreaker in overtime the last time the two teams met in Week 2. Neither team is the same now with the Texans moving on from Coach Gary Kubiak after an 11 game losing streak. The Titans lost quarterback Jake Locker for the season while the Texans have moved away from and then returned to quarterback Matt Schaub. If Case Keenum is healthy he is expected to start. The Texans will be starting their fourth string running back Johnathan Grimes. They are also very banged up at the TE position. This is a game the Titans should win but which Titans team will show up? Hopefully the one that can play all 4 quarters and limit their mistakes.

Titans 28 - Texans 17

Urrbody pickin' the home team. Except Greenlaw. But he crazy.