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Tennessee Titans: Texans Gameplan

The Titans finally played the way Munchak envisioned on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now they'll try and do the same against the Texans.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Munchak doesn't have a very strong case for keeping his job at the end of the year, but a win on Sunday against the division rival Texans can't hurt.

This Titans team was built last off-season on the premise of controlling the trenches, running the ball, stopping the run, and throwing when you wanted to, not when you have to. Basically control the game, the clock, and stay two dimensional.

For a number of reasons ranging from Shonn Greene's early season injury to offensive line woes, this game plan has yet to truly materialize. As of late the Titans have spread their offense out and started slinging the ball around the yard, mostly to fit Ryan Fitzpatrick's comfort zone.

Last Sunday, the Titans were the epitome of who they wanted to be all year. Both teams had the same number of drives at 11, but the Titans were able to control the clock with 35:39 in time of possession versus the Jaguars 24:21. They held the Jaguars to only 63 rushing yards including a key 4th and 1 stop near the end of the game to get the ball back. They also ran the ball effectively and stuck with the run game even when down 16-6 in the 3rd quarter. The result was 182 rushing yards between the two backs and the Titans most impressive rushing effort of the year.

Jacksonville and the Texans may be two of the worst teams in the league right now, but they are still division opponents. If the Titans can carry over the template from last weekend into this weekends game, and win, it will show a continuity that the team has yet to have this year.

The first step to making the playoffs is winning your division games and showing you know how to handle the teams within the division. If the Titans can do the same thing as last weekend, Mike Munchak may be able to point to two division wins in the style he envisioned all along. While it may be too little too late, it's better than not being able to do it at all.