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Mike Munchak denies interest in Penn State head coach job

There was a report earlier this week that someone in Mike Munchak's camp had expressed interest in the Penn State head coaching job. Munchak denied those rumors today.

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Mike Munchak was asked today about the report he, or someone on his behalf, had expressed interest in the Penn State head coaching job. He, of course, denied that any interest had been expressed. This from Jim Wyatt:

"I did not reach out to anybody, and nobody did on my behalf. And I don’t have an agent," he said. "They have a coach there, and I have a job here. So it’s just not true. I don’t think there is any merit to any of the three of us, I’m sure."

"I am fighting for this job, to make it work," Munchak said. "I am not looking for another job, and no one is looking on my behalf. I don’t know where (media) comes up with that kind of stuff."

My response to that- What else is he going to say? It will be interesting to see how this thing plays out, but my guess is that Mike Munchak is the coach of the Tennessee Titans in 2014, unfortunately.