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Tennessee Titans Naughty And Nice List

In the spirit of Christmas, let's see who should get presents this year and who should get a lump of coal.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports


  • Darius Reynaud - Reynaud played well at returner in 2012 and due to another injury to Mariani was handed the job again in 2013.  That didn't work out so well as he made repetitive costly mistakes pinning the Titans deep in their own territory if not outright handing the opposition points.
  • Rob Turner - Due to his "attitude" and salary, Turner was given the satarting spot over incumbent Fernando Velasco while rookie Brian Schwenke was injured at the beginning of the season.  Velasco didn't look too good in the preseason, but Rob Turner was ineffective to say the least and played a major role in anchoring a deplorable offensive line.
  • Pathetic Onside Kick Attempts - They beat their head against a wall for awhile, but finally saw the light against the Cardinals at home.  The Titans first three "spin the bottle/roll the ball straight to the defender" attempts was maddening to say the least.
  • Chet Parlavecchio - If not necessarily a strength, the Titans linebackers should have at least been a stable squad with growth potential.  They haven't been horrible, but have failed to live up to their potential of the cast.  This is one area where I say the coaching is at blame more so than personnel.
  • Offensive Line/ Bruce Matthews/ Mike Munchak- The offensive line was supposed to be fixed this year and it wasn't.  Constant change on the interior of the line may be partly to blame, but for a team that was supposed to be built on the backs of the offensive line, this unit has failed to deliver at best.
  • Kenny Britt - Where for art thou dome-piece Kenny?  The off-season talk was full of worry about Britt's ensuing monster year and how the Titans would probably lose him to free agency.  Well, half of that was right.  Something got in Kenny's head and couldn't get out leading to countless drops on easy passes.  He now carries the water bottles.


  • Alterraun Verner - Maybe Verner's camp competition with Tommie Campbell is what made him so good this year.  Maybe he's just awesome in general.  Whatever the reason, Verner has played at an incredibly high level this year and will now be very difficult for the Titans to keep once he hits the open market this off season.
  • Kendall Wright - What a stud.  He's fast, shifty and elusive while playing with grit and determination.  After everyone raised an eyebrow with him going in the first round to the Titans two years ago, Wright has developed into the Titans hands down top play-maker on offense, if not the best player on the entire team.
  • Jurrell Casey - The Kendall Wright of the defense, Casey has become a force on the interior of the defensive line.  He has 10.5 sacks going into the last game of the year and is a solid run defender as well.  If the Titans could only get an outside presence to match his play on the inside, the defensive line would be top flight.
  • Bernard Pollard - Pollard has not only been a leader in the locker room but a welcome voice to the fans.  His play is on the field is above what the Titans expected as well.  He'll have options after the last week of the year, but the Titans would be wise to resign him to a longer term deal.
  • Michael Griffin - Give credit where credit is due.  The whipping boy for the Titans horrible secondary last year is playing true to his old form.
  • Andy Levitre - Levitre was the Titans biggest get in free agency and his play has lived up to the billing.  Warmack and Schwenke are young and will grow into their roles, while Michael Roos held his own.  Levitre rarely showed up on the highlight reel which is what you want out of a lineman.  He can pull in the run game and is the best at pass protection on the interior.
  • Shawn Jefferson - One of the best coaching staff moves made by Munchak.  Jefferson has gotten the most out of all the receivers with the exception of Britt.  The evolution of Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, Damian Willaims and even Michael Preston are a testament to his coaching.
Who made your Naught or Nice list this year?