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Mike Munchak could be interested in Penn State job that isn't open, yet

There is a report out of Pennsylvania today that Penn State would be interested in hiring Mike Munchak if Bill O'Brien gets an NFL job. That would be a Festivus Miracle!

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

This is too good to be true, right?  There is a report today that says Mike Munchak would be at the top of Penn State's list if Bill O'Brien decides to jump to the NFL.  The same report says that Munch's "intermediaries" have inquired about the job.

Trevor suggested on Twitter that the Titans should just do a trade with Penn State of head coaches.  I endorse that idea 100%.  Let Munch go back home to work for his alma mater, and let O'Brien come to the NFL where he belongs- sounds like a win, win to me (acutally it just sounds like a win for the Titans to me and that is all I care about).

These reports are always funny.  We are talking about a guy who has a job being interested in a job that isn't even open yet.  There are still quite a few things that would have to happen for this to be made possible- including Bill O'Brien leaving and Munchak getting fired.

If Munchak is truly interested in the Penn State job, my guess is that he and Tommy Smith would be able to work something out so that he could go there if they wanted him, even if Smith wasn't planning on firing Munch.

Keep your fingers crossed.