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How far are two Titans away from franchise records?

A big game in the last week of the season could result in some changes in the record books.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The stars of the 2013 season for the Tennessee Titans have undoubtedly been Kendall Wright and Jurrell Casey. Each have had monster years, and there is a chance that with a big game against the Texans each could come away with a piece of the record book.

Kendall Wright

-The record: 101 receptions in a single season (

-What he needs to break it: 12 receptions

-How he can get it: The Texans defensive backfield has been terrible all year, and now that the Texans have nothing to play for I can't imagine they will be very motivated. Last time the Titans played the Texans, Kendall Wright managed to grab seven catches on 11 targets. If the Titans make getting him the ball a priority, then he could easily see 15+ targets.

Jurrell Casey

-The record: 13 sacks from a DT

-What he needs to break the record: 3 sacks

-How he can get it: This one will be tougher, but the Titans should be very aggressive on defense at home in their finale. If the Titans can get pressure and provide Casey with some one-on-ones then there might be a chance. In reality, Casey would be lucky to get 2.5 sacks and tie the record but if he knows its all on the line then maybe he will play on the All-Pro level all the fans know he can.