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Why the Titans win makes game 16 important

Sunday's win might make the Titans future murky.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans haven't won when they have needed to, and when they need to lose they fail do even to that correctly.

With Tennessee well out of the playoffs, a loss in a road game against the Jaguars seemed like a reasonable expectation. However, the Titans finally found a consistent run game that consistently ripped off chunks of yards against a weak Jaguars front seven.

Another new found skill set was an edge pass rush. The Titans had great production from Kamerion Wimbley and Derrick Morgan consistently throughout the game, something that has been lacking when Tennessee really needed it. While Casey, Sammie Lee Hill and others didn't live up to their billing; the Titans outside pass rush really changed the game. If the Titans could find a way to get that sort of play consistently next week it could be something that Gregg Williams points to as he tries to stay employed.

So why is Week 17 going to be so important?

Coaching Changes

If Mike Munchak pulls of a should-be easy home win against the Texans at home, he will be 2-1 in games since he has been "under evaluation" from new ownership. That one loss came from an overtime loss against the Arizona Cardinals who will likely get into the playoffs. Now, SHOULD Mike Munchak be kept on? Absolutely not. But another win could give him a reasonable argument.

Cap Issues

Players like Kamerion Wimbley, Nate Washington, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Chris Johnson all have a chance to make their case in the final week of the season. Combined these cuts would save around $25 million, and that money would make a huge difference in the Titans offseason plans.

Both of these things will be big issues on the minds of Titans shot-callers, and strong showings from the wrong people could cast a dark cloud on the future for Tennessee.