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Titans-Jaguars final score: Tennessee wins 20-16

Mike Munchak remains on life support after his Tennessee Titans win an ugly game in Jacksonville.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

I have to admit, this game was tough for me.  I really wanted the Titans to lose to move up in the draft and get Mike Munchak fired, but I found myself cheering when George Wilson made a nice interception to seal the game.

The Titans finally got the run game going that they had been wanting.  Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene combine for 180 yards on 41 carries.  They were able to get some tough yards at the end of the game and run time off the clock.

The defense wasn't spectacular, but they were good enough to keep the Titans in the game.  They even did a nice job holding after a Ryan Fitzpatrick interception and stupid penalty by Akeem Ayers.