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Titans vs. Jaguars: What are you cheering for today?

The Tennessee Titans are playing meaningless football in December again. Is it time to hope for a loss?

Wesley Hitt

We as Titans fans seem to always find ourselves in a tough situation this time of year.  Being a fan, you always want to cheer for your team, but sometimes it is better to lose the battle to win the war.  Sure, a win for the Titans in Jacksonville today would be fun in the short-run, but is it the best thing for this franchise long-term?

My answer is no.  This team needs to clean house and have a good draft pick to invest in a quarterback to finally move forward.  I am still all for Jake Locker getting his shot in 2014, but they need a contingency plan.  Then, if you Locker stays healthy and plays well, and you like the rookie, you have two good quarterbacks.  That is a very nice problem to have.

A loss today also probably seals Mike Munchak's fate.  I am not going to re-hash my Munchak feelings here again, but it is time to move on.

With that being said, what are you cheering for today?