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Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Is an ailing MJD bad for the Titans?

Why the Titans should be more afraid of the Jaguars if MJD isn't playing.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans rematch against the Jacksonville Jaguars will feature the same familiar faces. Chad Henne will still be quarterback, Jason Babin will still be rushing the passer and Paul Posluszny will still be lining up in the middle. However, there could be a slight change in the lineup if Maurice Jones-Drew is forced to miss time. As great as that might have been for Titans fans to hear a few years ago, now it might just make the game more difficult.

MoJo isn't the same back that he was, hesitation and injuries are replacing the speed and resilience that used to make him a top-five running back in the league. However, his replacement Jordan Toddman may be more of a factor.

While the Titans only saw Toddman on three rushes last time they played, he did have 3.7 YPC and a TD. Throughout the year he has accrued a 3.6 YPC average not to mention proving that he can be a threat in the air. If he comes in as the starting running back then the Titans need keep him contained after a 109 yard game against Buffalo last week.

If the Titans can stuff the box and force the Jags to pass without Blackmon and Shorts, then their chances of winning will skyrocket. If they can't and Toddman gets rolling then it could be another long game for the Titans against the Jaguars on Sunday.