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Big decision looming for Tennessee Titans on David Stewart

The Tennessee Titans need to decide whether or not Stewart will be on the roster in 2014, and right now it doesn't look good for the former Bulldog.

Frederick Breedon

$6.4 million. That is what the Titans are expected to pay David Stewart if he is on the team in 2014. The question is, is he worth it?

Two years ago the Titans had one of the most dominant offensive tackle tandems in the league. Michael Roos possessed balance and agility that you rarely find in an offensive tackle his size, and David Stewart's nasty disposition sparked the offensive line to play with an aggressive streak. Those offensive tackles would be well worth the money that the Titans would be spending, but for Stewart those days seem like a distant memory.

These days, the grinding right tackle spends more time watching practice than participating and it is showing up in his game. Stewart looks stiffer than he has at any point in his career, and he isn't even producing at a high level when run-blocking. As a pass blocker he has always struggled with quick defensive ends, and now he is depending on more chips from the TE/FB to keep him from getting beaten, which limits the offense.

If the Titans cut him this offseason, they will get all of his $6.4 million back because he has no guaranteed money. If they keep him, then he will be the highest paid right tackle in the league. To me, it is more valuable to have that money than to keep him and have a question mark at RT all year.

If the Titans cut him, they will create a need but it will be a cheap need. Stewart would be making nearly twice as much as the second placed RT and he won't be anything above average with another year of wear and tear on those legs.